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You know how people say that something is their spirit animal.. today it hit me. My spirit animal is Kanye West. Insane? I know. But seriously. Today I was listening to The College Dropout (his best album to date.. in my opinion) and I realized all of the ways Yeezy rocks my world.

1. He speaks what’s on his mind.. even if it is EXTREMELY inappropriate timing. We all remember the “imma let you finish” infamous VMA moment where he stole the mic from Taylor Swift as she was about to accept the VMA for female video of the year.. but let’s get real.. HE WAS RIGHT. 2009 was the year that Beyonce put out one of the most iconic pop hits of all time: Single Ladies. Now, I’ve always loved me some T-Swift.. but c’mon, Bey is the ultra pop queen of this century. So even though he was totally bogus for interrupting someone else’s happy moment, he felt like he had to speak the truth.. so how could I fault a person for that?

2. He has the most clever lyrics pretty much ever. 50% of the reason I listen to rap music is because it’s funny.. but the other half is based on my sheer amazement that anyone is able to rhyme that much. Kanye has some of the best lines I’ve ever heard. For example:

“Haters give me them salty looks, Lawry’s” — The Good Life

“What you think I rap for? To push a fucking RAV-4?” — Run This Town

and my personal favorite…

“What she order? Fish Filet.” — People* in Paris (*I refuse to type the n-word) 

fish filet


3. He loves his mama. In 2007, his mom passed away unexpectedly after complications with surgery. He talks about her in a few of his songs, but a year later he preformed a song he wrote for her called “Hey Mama” .. in front of millions of viewers he laid his heart out on the line during a really vulnerable time. I still tear up when I watch the video.. stop judging me.

4. He has a Southpark episode dedicated to him. You know you’ve made it big.. or you’re a pretty big jackass (as quoted by President Barack Obama) to be featured on an episode of one of the most crude shows ever created. Normally, I’m not really a huge Southpark fan.. but anybody that created Book of Mormon has got to be cool in my book.


5. He hyped his album release by projecting his video on the side of a building. I don’t really care if you love him or hate him.. that’s pretty fucking awesome. In 10 cities, on 66 buildings, he debuted the song “New Slaves” to promote his new album Yeezus. That’s some futuristic, over-the-top, totally outside of the box kind of thinking. Kudos, Ye.


So in closing, Kanye can be a real jackass, but he is also a game changer who’s done a lot of cool things in his lifetime too and I think the good parts of him are totally spirit animal worthy.