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Holy cats everybody, it’s 2014! So I’m definitely not really into writing about resolutions and that kind of thing, because personally, I try to set goals for myself throughout the year and not just as the new year begins.. So I’ll skip that part and get right to the point! Over the holidays, I had lots and lots of time to see all kinds of new movies that are out. So instead of reviewing my year, I’ll give you my opinion on a few that I’ve seen lately.. and if you don’t care.. well, get out of here then! Anyway, I’ll start with the most recent and work my way backwards.


First up, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Okay, so like most other women, I was in this purely to see Leonardo Di Caprio looking fine as wine. (which he totally did.. it’s like he doesn’t age!) But anyway. Upon walking into the theater, I was given a very grim sort of warning as the clerk selling me the ticket told me that many people have asked for a refund due to its sexual content as well as its vulgarity. So of course this made me want to see the movie even more! I’m not going to put any spoilers in this blog because that’s not really fair, especially if you read them unknowingly. I really didn’t know anything about this movie going in besides the title implies that he’s someone working on Wall Street and now I know there is lots of sex, or at least enough to offend some moms in New Berlin. Coming in just around 3:00 — this movie kept my attention the entire time. There was not one moment that I was getting restless or wanting it to be over. Was it crude, vulgar and have tons and tons of inappropriate things like drug use, hookers and sex? Yes. But so do lots of other movies. I would definitely say this is a MUST SEE for any movie lover (who’s an adult.. obviously. THERE ARE HOOKERS.)

american hustle

Next, AMERICAN HUSTLE. Alright, so this movie has been hyped up the past couple of months. I was pretty unsure about what to expect after seeing Bradley Cooper with a Jheri curl in the previews. But let’s be real, the second I saw Jennifer Lawrence was in it.. I was hooked. ::sigh:: GIRL CRUSH ::sigh:: So once again, I didn’t know too much, except that it is about a group of con men / women. I don’t know what’s up with movies going back to being over 2 hours long, but this one also was 2.5 hours.. which once again, was fine with me. It had a star-studded cast that surely didn’t disappoint. There were a few slow moments, but overall, this movie definitely has some Oscar contenders in it. It was a great balance of thrill, comedy and drama all rolled into one. See it.


Like the child that I am, I also saw FROZEN. Okay, so before you judge me, the main character is voiced by Idina Menzel, who is my all-time favorite Broadway star / singer. She played Elphaba (the wicked witch of the west sort of character in Wicked) and basically rules at life. Plus, she was married to Taye mother freaking Diggs. So besides the fact that I seemed like a child predator going to see a Disney movie with my other 24 year-old friends, it was pretty dang cute. Yes, I just said dang cute like I am a 40 year-old mom from the south. (I wish I was from the south.. that would rule. I probably would’ve gotten away with saying darn tootin’) But yes. Maybe if you’re a childless adult and don’t want to seem creepy like I felt, wait for it to come out on DVD, but seriously, super cute.


Lastly, I went to see THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY. Ben Stiller, despite his cheesy roles and over the top acting, is a pretty funny dude. He seems like one of those people you could just be friends with and joke with in real life. I realistically have no idea if he really is like that, but he sure seems like it. Anyway, this movie was directed by the man himself, Ben Stiller. I have to say. He did a great job reigning in his usually hyperbolic self. Sometimes that gets to be a little too much or it’s so ridiculous it’s funny, but in this particular film, it was balanced perfectly. Of course there were unrealistic scenes, I mean, it’s the movies.. all of this shit is unrealistic.. but it was definitely a feel good type of movie that would bring up anyone’s spirits.

All in all, the movies that are out right now are pretty freaking awesome, so if you are bored, or you get the chance.. go check one of this out. Or don’t. Whatever.