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Holy cats. I haven’t written here since July.. WHAT UP WITH THAT! (that’s an SNL reference for those of you that are judging my poor grammar right now) Well anyway, long time, no complaints.. Okay wait, let’s be real.. I’ve had PLENTY of complaints, I just haven’t taken the time to write them down.

A whole bunch of things have happened since July.. and of course I can’t think of a single thing that seems interesting or riveting enough to write about. Do you ever just feel out of sorts like that? I definitely have written before about getting into a funk and not really knowing why or how or what you’re supposed to do next. I think that it comes with the territory of my age. It’s sort of a joke between my friends to say that someone is going through their quarter-life crisis when they turn 25. Maybe I’m just having mine a year too early.

I have friends on both sides of the fence of marriage / living the single life, which helps me feel comfortable somewhere right in the middle. I’m not married, I don’t own a house, I’m not thinking about kids.. but at the same time, sometimes I think to myself.. uh oh – what am I SUPPOSED to be doing? Is anyone SUPPOSED to be doing anything? I don’t really know. There is this unspoken expectation of people that you HAVE to meet someone, you HAVE to get married, you don’t necessarily HAVE to have kids.. but it’s definitely seen as “normal” to follow that path. It seems like everyone around you pressures you about these things if you don’t have them or if it seems like you aren’t interested in following this yellow brick road to the life you’re SUPPOSED to want.

Well, what if I don’t want those things? What if I’m just content in being me.. living in a rental house.. unmarried.. figuring out what I WANT out of life and not just living within this standard of “I should be doing this.. or that.. or the other thing”. I think I’m going to spend my quarter-life crisis not succumbing to the pressures of living by society’s rules regarding MY OWN LIFE. So fuck it, I’m throwing away the rulebook right now and pursuing my own happiness wherever it may be.