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I’m a pretty lucky kid. I have a sister who kicks ass, but I was also born into a crazy, huge mess of a family. I think sometimes there are special people in your life that you know are going to stick by you no matter what and the best part for me is, we’re both best friends and family .. so I mean, I guess they’re kinda stuck with me. Today is my cousin Lynn’s birthday and I just wanted to take the time to write about how awesome she is. If you don’t know her, you’re really missing out because she’s definitely one super special person.


It started out, well.. that we were cousins, duh. But we both have sisters and they are really close in age, so they would walk to school together, leaving little old me in the dust. Instead of me feeling like the baby of the group (which I am anyway) Lynn and I would walk to school together every morning .. and boy did I feel cool. She would always let me cross in the middle of the block instead of waiting to get to the crossing guard – super ultra badass for a kindergartner.


As we grew up, Lynn has always been there for me and made sure I was included with all of the older kids even though I was probably the pesky little cousin. She let me come to her 16th birthday and play flour power, watch scary movies but my all time favorite was watching Vegas Vacation on repeat. I eventually got old and moved away to college, which sometimes seems like you live in your own little bubble.. but it didn’t matter, she still came to visit me (even in WAUKESHA!)


After graduation, I contemplated moving away but there’s always been this thing in Milwaukee I didn’t want to get away from.. my family. I know they’d love me no matter what, but the truth of it is, I love being around them. Until I was older, I never realized that not everyone in the world sees their family 3-4 times a week and that it wasn’t common practice to just stop in at your aunt’s house and be invited to stay for dinner or to chat for hours in the kitchen. I don’t really care what anyone thinks about me being a “homebody” or how lame it is that I moved back to my comfort zone when I graduated college because these people love me and always will.


So here’s to you Lynnie. You’ve always been one of the most compassionate, sweetest, lovable people I know and you always will be my best friend. Love you!