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You know when people say “you always want what you don’t have”…? I’ve never truly believed that. I kind of always thought to myself.. nah, I’m pretty happy with everything I have. And then today I had a moment where I was like.. holy shit, “those” people who say that shit.. are right.. at least about my day today.

When you work in an office, everyone thinks.. cool, you always know your schedule, you’re in the comfort of the indoors and basically that you have lots of luxuries. While some of this may be true, the key thing that is missing is the fact that I never see the outdoors! I have no window in my office, so some days when I come to work, it’s quite possible that a full on hail tornado could rip down the block and I would never even see it coming. I know, woe is me.. you feel bad right? wrong. I’m not asking for pity by any means, but today on a super ultra rarer than rare occasion, I was able to leave the office to make a delivery.

Seriously, I was happier than a camel on hump day (if you haven’t seen that Geico commercial I’m referencing.. watch it immediately) Today also happened to be one of the most perfect of the summer. The sun was shining, there were clouds that looked so fluffy it was as if you could reach up and scoop them right out of the sky with your hands.. I couldn’t get enough of it. To make it EVEN better, I was driving north, toward the prettier part of Wisconsin (minus Slinger Speedway.. haha, sorry Slinger residents.. not a fan) moving on.. there were beautiful fields and flowers and green stuff.. and boy wouldn’t you think I was Snow White walking through some sort of enchanted forest! Immediately, I felt jealous of all of the people who get to be outside on a regular basis.. I’m sure if you’re one of those people, you’re scoffing at how naive I am right now.. but honestly, I think it would be great.. sometimes. There must be some sort of middle ground .. you know, like where you can be indoors when it’s raining and shit, but outdoors on days like today? Oh yeah that’s right.. it’s called being your own boss. Maybe I’ll know what that’s like.. in about 100 years from now.




I seriously have the patience of a 5-year-old. When I know I’m going on a vacation, even if it’s only for a weekend, I have ZERO focus.. Since most of my friends moved away after graduation I seem to be doing quite a lot of traveling these days and I LOVE it. Even if it is only a couple of hours away, vacation is vacation. All I can think about this week is the fact that in 9 days I’m going to be on a plane to visit one of my favorite people EVER (shout out to Patrick Charapata) in Maine. Before I go on any trip, I like to read about where I’m going and make a really ridiculous list of things that I want to do there. So here I come Bar Harbor, Maine.. I hope you can accomodate my requests..

1. Get really drunk in the airport. I have a 3 hour layover in New York, PLUS I recently found out that you can take mini-bottles in your carry on! How great is that?

 2. Walk onto Bar Island at low tide. So apparently there is this island that is only accessible during the low tide by walking on like a sandbar path, so freaking cool!

(okay that isn’t it.. but you get the idea)

3. Meet a local lobster fisherman. Strangers love talking to me, so I’m going to try to meet the most interesting person out there… and befriend them. If not a dog in a lobster costume will also suffice.

4. Eat as many strange seafood things as I can. Calamari? pssh, been there. I want something really strange like.. well, I’m not sure! But hopefully they’ve invented it.

 5. Listen to so much country music that Greg Hendricks wants to kill me. This one will be the easiest for sure.. and to be honest, probably the most entertaining. He’ll probably make a face like this:

Oh wait, that’s Justin Bieber not Greg.. Oops. (It’ll probably be a similar looking face anyway, just more angry-like)

I’m sure the list will get longer as the days get closer, but for now.. 

Prepare yourself Maine, I mean business!