Some of my recent posts have been about how I’ve started volunteering now that I have more freetime being done with school.. supposedly. Either way, when I first met my hospice patient that I volunteer with, she asked me a question that I still haven’t been able to fully answer: what kind of hobbies do you have? For whatever reason, I was so dumbfounded by this question and stood there with my mouth open, looking like a fool with absolutely no answer.

I guess the definition of “hobby” is subjective. I guess in my eyes, I have lots of interests but not necessarily any hobbies per say. So I started going down the list of things I like to do and literally drew a blank. WHAT DO I DO!? Suddenly, I had a panic moment.. like jeeze! I don’t DO anything! Sure, I cook once in a while, bake some cookies here and there, read a book when I find time, re-decorate the house when I get bored with my surroundings.. but really? are any of those things hobbies? I don’t know.

I guess I’ve never really thought about what I’m good at. Is it possible to be hobby-less? Because I really think I am. There isn’t one thing that interests me for long enough that it becomes something that I want to do over and over again. The saddest part, is that I thought about what I spend the most time doing, which is probably read / research things online for my own personal pleasure. THE INTERNET? That’s my hobby?! I wanted to die when I realized that, and what an embarrassing thing to admit out loud to someone.

I suddenly thought to myself.. whoa, now I understand what my parents were talking about when they said things about kids these days being drones who don’t ever experience “real” things.. and I thought to myself, well, I guess that’s me. This question of “the hobby” haunted me for weeks.. and I just figured, I don’t have one since THE INTERNET definitely doesn’t count. But wait a minute.. The internet has taught me so many things and is a wealth of useful information and knowledge. Why is that worse than me saying “reading” is a hobby of mine. I’m reading, maybe not a book or novel — but I read news, articles, trending fluff that doesn’t matter.. but you know what? At the end of the day, I feel like I’m an informed individual that possesses a wide array of information from sources throughout the world. I’m learning about things that are important to all people, not just individualized to my own little bubble. So I guess here I am.. admitting that my #1 hobby is: THE INTERNET.