Never in my life have I ever had someone request that I write a blog about them.. until this past weekend. First of all, I write this blog mostly to get my own crazy ramblings and complaints out of my head and into the cloud as proof one day that I really am as fucking crazy as people think I am. Secondly, umm how fucking cool is this! I guess I should probably start at the beginning so this all comes together and makes much more sense.

This past weekend some lovely college friends of mine invited me to celebrate their wedding with them.. whether or not they’re regretting that decision today, I can’t be sure.. but we’ll get to that. As most people know (because I literally have it tattooed on my body) I’m from the state of Wisconsin, and my friends happen to be from our neighboring state of Trill-inois. Instead of rushing in at the last minute, I decided to make a weekend of it and stay with a group of friends outside of Chicago, which inevitably would turn into some unforgettable memories. (okay, maybe forgettable with all of the alcohol consumed)

Night one. Our most darling hostess let us stay keep at her beautiful flat in Lakeview which just happens to be right next to Boy’s Town in Chicago. If you know anything about Boy’s Town, it’s that you’re going to have a fucking great time there. The first bar we walked into didn’t disappoint. As sparks flew from what appeared to be a jigsaw on a woman’s vagina-area, we knew this place was going to be great. $12.00 pitchers of long-islands and a techno dance room.. Hello hangover.

Day two. Death. Although we stopped on our way home at the most amazing late night restaurant ever called Cheesie’s.. a place that specializes in grilled cheese (YUM), we were all a little slow moving. And by that, I mean the only thing we did all day was walk down the block to eat hangover food at a baller burger bar called DMK. It wouldn’t be a vacation without more drinking, so we all mustered up the courage to throw a few back.. and ended back up at our favorite grilled cheese joint.

photo 1

THE BIG DAY. Here is was, wedding day. And I’m not going to lie, my ancient 23-year-old body was really fucking hating me for abusing it. Sometimes I honestly wonder how I survived college. Props to all of the alcoholics out there, that takes dedication to feel like shit every day of your life. (I’m really sorry, I don’t mean that at all… jeezus it just sucks being hungover constantly, so please get help.) Either way, hair did, nails did, dress on.. let’s go.

Now, I just want to add in here how I happen to know the magnificent couple getting married. Kyle, the handsome groom, was a fellow greek-lifer but more importantly, my super smart lab partner in genetics class. Being a communication major, human genetics was a bunch of gibberish to me and I definitely wouldn’t have passed without him. As we became better friends, the two of us started a tradition together: Thursday nights. (sorry we don’t have a catchy name) A bar nearby our campus had a ladie’s night deal on Thursdays which became our day to shoot the shit, cry our eyes out, get stuff off our chests and when appropriate dance or sing like fools. It never failed, Kyle was a great partner in crime. Through the years, I got to know Kristin (his most adoring wife.. [WIFE! that’s so crazy to write!]) Which ends us back up at their wedding day.

photo 3

Being the stupid, emotional girl that I am, I shed a tears as I watched them exchange vows.. ugh I’m such a cheeseball I know. Now here’s the part I’ll explain why I’m unsure if they’re still okay with inviting me.. THE RECEPTION. Open bar + champagne toasts + cocktails in the hotel room = inappropriate laughter, behavior and all around shenanigans demeanor. Within the first 5 minutes, my date had spilled a whole glass of champagne down the front of my dress.. before we had even toasted. Oops. But alas, the night went on.. There were laughs to be had, photbooth pictures to be taken and most importantly: DANCING. Honest to goodness, (and I’m not just saying this because I know you’re reading this) this wedding had some of the best music ever. I felt like the dancefloor was full the whole time, either that or I’m delusional and was too caught up in my own white girl dance moves to care what anyone else was doing. More drinks were had, I even took a spill but all in all I had a blast and just hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much.. except that part where I smashed cake in my date’s face. I meant that part. Oh and the part when I dirty danced to Cher with the best man (shout out to Andy Eckhorn!) No regrets there either..

Beautiful wedding you guys, it was amazing. I’m honored that you read this complaint-ridden, poorly written pile of crazy that is me and asked me to add you guys to it! I wish you all the best and can’t wait to come visit you!

p.s. – Kyle, you still owe me a husband ๐Ÿ™‚ ย AND Kristin! You couldn’t have looked more beautiful!