After you graduate college, you think things are going to be so nice now that you have a regular schedule and more time to do whatever you want. What a crock. All it really means is, welcome to the work force and prepare yourself to be more bored and stagnant than ever before in your life. I got sick of just doing the same old every day pretty quickly. My attention span is somewhere between I can stare at gifs of dogs for hours and I get bored watching something microwave after 30 seconds.. it’s all over the place and useless all at the same time. So, what is the only way to change your life when you become an office drone?

1. Complain about it endlessly. Everyone is good at this even though it’s the most annoying fucking thing in the world. I have a 2 strikes rule with people (because 3 is just too many and I’d forget) with how many complaining posts they can put on Facebook before I delete them. You’ve been warned.

2. Feel bad for yourself. You’re underpaid, your job doesn’t appreciate you and you’re basically a glorified intern. I’m playing the world’s tiniest violin right now. It’s really sad.

3. Get together with your friends who are the same age and see numbers 1 & 2. 

4. This is really unrealistic.. I mean who would ACTUALLY CHANGE SOMETHING in their life?! That seems like too much work. I mean honestly, I’d much rather just talk about how much I hate everything, and my job, and my life, and my dog.. whoa whoa whoa. I’d never hate on my dog. Let’s get real.

Anyway, I hope you get my point and understood my blatant sarcasm. Nothing in your life is going to change unless you do something about it. Don’t get me wrong. I went through this phase too, but instead, I decided to take on a couple of things that were within the realm of possibility for me, and actually do them. Take up a hobby, buy a bike, I don’t know.. All that I do know is that you’ll never be happy maintaining the status quo. I mean maybe you are, but chances are, you’re  a couch potato if that’s the case. So try shaking things up once in a while. You’ll never be a better YOU or have all the “I wish I..” items if you don’t try! Motivational / bitch rant over. Oh yeah. Impromptu #5: RANT. It really does help.