Maybe it’s just a case of the Mondays, or maybe it’s just me — but boy am I out of it. I seem to have run out of things to say, totally unbelievable, I know. For whatever reason lately, more than one person has made the commentary that I’m quieter than my usual self. Then sometimes I think to myself, what is the “usual” me? What DO people expect out of me? I know that they mean this pretty surface level since I’m normally a chatty kathy, but what if I just don’t feel like it today. Does that automatically have to mean that something is bothering me? Or that I have to give a “good” reason for not feeling like talking? I don’t really think I owe that to anyone. I think saying, I just don’t feel like it should be good enough. We always have to have a reason or explanation for everything. Isn’t feeling blah a good enough excuse? I wish it was. Maybe I am in a funk but just don’t realize it.. who knows! So for now, I guess I’ll just keep keepin’ on and maybe I’ll find my chatty self somewhere along the way. As for the expectations of the usual me.. I’ll have to think on that one.