The clock is ticking and there are only a few more days left in 2012, so weird. Getting old really flies by when you work full time. Blah. Either way, I thought I would do a year in review and remind myself what I was up to in 2012, so I don’t make the same fool of myself in 2013.. Or at least come up with new ways to embarrass myself (which is wayyyy more likely)


I started out the year right, ICE FISHING. What a debacle. This actually turned into me taking pulls of whiskey on the ice and getting stuck in some snow in an Impala. But hey, a guy named Animal pulled us out so it was all good in the neighborhood.



…probably nothing. Ate candy? Hibernation? I’ll go with: lived underneath my heated blanket and snoozed for the majority of the month.



I traveled yonder to the eastern seawall for the very first time and set my sights on Maine. We were there in the off-season, didn’t get to eat lobster, but somehow had tons of fun doing absolutely NOTHING. I think I made about 25 moves the whole time I was there. Oh, but throwing quarters at a band and trying to convince them to play the Law and Order theme song doesn’t work out very well.



I bought my first cool-kid bike! YAYYY! My black stallion beauty has treated me well, and I can’t wait to get back to the peddling in the spring.



You know your summer of drinking begins when you have to consult pictures to find out what you did in a particular month.. Apparently, I met a man named Grizzlor, had a ginormous crack lighter, traveled to Missouri (wait when did that happen?!) and went to Indiana with a group of some crazy cats. Sounds like a good time to me..

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Libations. Cocktails. Rum. More rum. Concerts. That’s about all I remember.



The BEST of ALL the months. I’m a huge fan of my own birthday, but everything about September is my favorite. Baseball season getting interesting, football season starting, it’s the fall, it’s still warm out.. and AND MY BIRTHDAY! This year’s birthday was ESPECIALLY exciting, not only because we rented a party bus (which was awesome and I recommend everyone does at least once in their life) but I GOT MY PUPPY — the love of my life, little Zamboni man!



Hanging out with my dog. Taking pictures of my dog. Dressing my dog up.  Which will probably be all I do next year too. Stay tuned.