It’s time for my venting post of the month. I know, I know.. most of my posts are me complaining about something but this one is my grievance of lately that just doesn’t seem to be going away.  Everywhere I turn, there is someone to disprove my point, contradict what I say or make their utmost effort to exhibit their superior life. All of us know this person and have our whole lives.. it’s the notorious one-upper. You walked 3 miles, they ran 30. You honestly can never win. I’ve found that for the past couple of weeks, the amount of this breed of person has been creeping into my life at an alarming rate.

I know some of you reading this are probably thinking: you’re one to talk, there’s the pot calling the kettle black, orrrr any other cliche you can think of (I’m all cliched out). Which is PARTIALLY true. Yes, I admit, I can be one of these beasts, but who isn’t’ from time to time. At least I can admit it. So jump down from your high horse and get on my level right now.. there are others out there that live their lives like this ALL OF THE TIME! How do you even have time to do all of this awesome stuff when all you are doing is bragging and boasting 99% of the time?! We’ve all relied on little white lies to get us through situations before, but there is a big difference between stretching the truth a smidgen and extreme exaggeration.

I never really thought about this before, but one-uppers are hipsters in their own way. They did everything first, better, cooler and definitely have a better life than you, while all at the same time thinking  they are better than you. Weird parallels are drawn in this world some time. So I guess I really have no resolution to this annoyance, except for maybe from now on, make funny faces while they are tooting their own horn. Or I could just walk away, but then they’ve won the battle. Life is about battles you know.. Forget all that “choose your battles wisely” business, that’s a crock of bologna. I think the only way to know you’re winning at life is to ACTUALLY do cool stuff, be spontaneous, look for random adventure and take the small victories wherever you can, like finding $1.00 in your jean pocket after it’s gone through the wash. And when those cool things do happen to you, instead of proving you’re better than someone else to put them down, make sure you let their stories shine as well, but then feel free to tell me about something you did — in a non-demeaning manner if possible. This is getting too serious – ugh, just be fucking nice. End of story.