I’ve never really been responsible for anything before, well besides myself.. and let’s be honest, we all get a little reckless sometimes. The idea of having to take care of something is kind of foreign to me because when I buy things, I intend to use them.. so I never keep the plastic covering on, I always ripped the limited edition Barbie out of the box and a few months later, most of my things get ruined. Okay, well not ruined, but worn in.. and they look like they have been used. I mean, what’s the point of having things you aren’t ever allowed to use or touch? Since I have such a careless attitude, I was nervous about the idea of getting a pet. Pets are a lot of work and I know that I can be selfish with my time, so I wasn’t sure that I was ready to share it with someone or something else.

Cue in my dad. He’s the sweetest, most precious animal lover on the earth. His big, burly exterior is no match for his heartwarming affection for any and all animals, especially his little pups. After my mom passed away, my dad got a few pets to keep him company.. 2 dogs + the dog we already had created the cutest little trio that followed him around everywhere. Here comes my dad, standing tall like a brickhouse, holding a gnarled mess of tangled leashes containing 3 dogs all under 15 pounds following closely behind him, in front of him or in his arms. Anywhere he goes, so do they. When an unexpected house fire claimed his 3 pets lives, he was devastated. Over the past year, he’s finally come around to the idea of getting more dogs, since you know, he’s basically an animal hoarder (not really.. I swear) and couldn’t help but get 2 more puppies. Instantaneous joy. He cares for his 2 puppies more than he loves me.. which I totally understand, they are way more entertaining and never talk back, but everyone jokes that he needs to get a third dog to “put the band back together”.. he had a different idea instead.

I had been toying with the idea of getting a dog now that I’m out of college and working full-time. Mentioning it to my dad in passing, he called me up right before my birthday to take me to see some dogs he read about in the paper. He couldn’t resist but buy me a dog.. seeing as he also bought my sister and her husband a dog as well. We went to see these miniature dachshunds, and from the moment I laid eyes on them.. it was a done deal. Feeling super nervous about having to take care of something FOR REAL that I couldn’t just return or get rid of sort of freaked me out a first. Sure I grew up with pets my whole life, but I never had to do the hard stuff like pick up puke, or get up at the crack of dawn to take them out.. it was more a leisurely relationship where we would play and my parents took care of the rest, kind of like the rest of my life.. just kidding! (sort of)

When I brought home the cutest puppy known to man (personal opinion), I prepared for what I knew and thought puppies do, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. I thought it was going to be all of this hard work and grueling hours with this 6-week-old wrinkly mess of a puppy, but what people don’t tell you is how satisfying all of the work is and makes it seem like nothing at all. Getting up MULTIPLE times throughout the night, switching your wake-up time from 8:15 am to 5:45 am and little pin teeth biting you all over your body is all worthwhile when you watch this little tiny life romp around without a care in the world except to love you. It’s ridiculous how much you can love something so little and have it make you feel good ALL THE TIME. Nothing else has ever given me such satisfaction and unconditional love.. well besides my family, but they’re definitely not as cute as my new puppy.

I’ve become crazy obsessed over this dog and take a picture of him everyday so when he is naughty, or driving me crazy I can look at them and remember how much joy and happiness this little being has brought me since the moment he came home with me. To see his picture-a-day visit nickierouleau.tumblr.com (sorry I can’t get the hyperlink to work) , and be sure to stay tuned for clothing, costumes and many more ridiculous crazy dog lady pictures.