So today is my birthday.. please feel free to shower me with gifts and surprises, but if not just a “happy birthday” post on Facebook will do the job. I’m a firm believer in celebrating your glorious day of birth for as long as you possibly can. For example, this year my birthday fell on a Wednesday (today, obviously) so I took the liberty of celebrating last weekend, today and also this coming up weekend.. because HEY WHY NOT? but I mean really, it’s so worth it. You only get 1 day a year where people are forced to be nice to you and wish you happiness so you might as well extend that as long as possible. Yeah, I’m a ham like that. This year, I thought long and hard about how to celebrate an otherwise seemingly boring 23rd birthday. A few weeks back I heard about this birthday bus you can rent which includes beer, a driver all night and any route you want to go on. SCORE! It turned out even better than I ever thought.

When you’re on a mini-bus with 20 people, the potential for something going awry is about 99.99%. Somehow, by the grace of the sweet baby Jesus, it went off without a hitch. We definitely didn’t make it to as many drinking establishments as I had planned, but it didn’t even matter. Step 1, get on the bus.. the most difficult task to complete all night. I had planned on pacing myself and taking it slow so I could make it to all of the stops without embarrassing myself / vomming all over the place. False, that plan did not work out at all. I knew I was in trouble when I did a shot of moonshine with a giant blackberry in it. YIKES. 5 shots later, annnnnd we’re ready to go.

Coolest part of the bus? There is beer AND party jams! We were allowed to listen to the music as loud as we wanted ALL NIGHT LONG. For those of you who know me pretty well, you know that I love to listen to music until my ears are close to bleeding / until I’m deaf. It’s the only way to listen to music.. especially rap, so it was perfect. When we made it to the next place of imbibing, there were police officers outside since there was a Harley rally going on.. SWEET. Where there are police officers, there are baseball cards ANNNNNNND JUNIOR OFFICER STICKERS! Whoooot!

Okay, I know it says Hawaii, but I couldn’t find a pic of the Milwaukee one and I’m partial to Hawaii anyway. The night gets a little blurry after that… but it seriously, I just broke my glasses.. yeah.. that’s what happened. So after pink drinks, police and one too many Toppers’ stix, I survived birthday weekend #1. This weekend, I’m headed to Minnesota to visit my besty best best, so we shall see what fate that brings me.

AND NOW, FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS OF ALL.. for my 23rd birthday my daddy bought me a PUPPY! I call him JellyBean, but his name is yet to be determined. I know I’m not 5-years-old, but boy am I excited. He’s only 4 weeks old and the anticipation is killing me! I can’t wait to bring this tiny little baby home for some quality snoozin’ and treats.


(Oh and this post title is dedicated to Greg Hendricks and his love for Barenaked Ladies)