So the name of this post maaaaay be a little deceiving. Contrary to all of your hopes and dreams, it isn’t about the Black Eyed Peas. You’re devastated I know. Now prepare yourself because the news I’m about to break to you is even worse than me holding out on some Fergalicious. This blog post is actually about BEETS. Yes, that’s right.. the vegetable. (I’m envisioning everyone who even made it this far to read this just let out one of those over-zealous disappointed sighs) If you haven’t clicked away yet to watch some way cooler video of dogs playing tetherball, GREAT! Because I want to do a mini-PSA for a vegetable that I think is highly underrated.

So it all started when my upstairs neighbor meekly knocked on the door one day. Seeing as I’m the one who always answers the door (in case it’s a murderer.. thanks Greg) she politely offered me a bag of homegrown beets and followed it up with a compliment that the food we make always smells so good. I’m going to take credit for this even though most of you probably know Greg cooks me dinner 9/10 days a week (shut up I know that’s more than a week, I’m exaggerating.. that’s the point of hyperbole.. whatever) BUT I’m still taking credit for that compliment because I make chocolate peanut butter cookies and those obviously smell better than anything else. Anyway, I figured I would take a crack at making beets. How hard can it be right?

After much deliberation and searching on FoodGawker / PunchFork , the two greatest recipe sites ever, I thought I would attempt grilling them. This mostly worked, but in true lazy Sunday fashion I was running a little behind  schedule so I decided to finish them in the oven. I’ve had beet salad before at my sister’s house.. so I thought I would give it a good college try. (Don’t ask me what that saying means.. I’m just using it because it sounds good. What is a “college” try anyway? Cooking beets is like a fifth-grader try.. you only have to use the oven) I mixed up some spring greens, Gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and these grilled beets and ta-dah! BEET SALAD! If you aren’t a salad-eater.. I also ate the beets with leftover corn, put a little buttahhh and and little gahhhlic salt — viola, you’ve got yourself some delicious eats.

If this hasn’t convinced you to eat beets, sorry I just wasted 5 minutes of your time. But not really. Just give them a college try!