As I get older and wrinklier like the banana that’s been sitting on my counter for 3 weeks (haha, just kidding.. I’m not wrinkly, but there is a banana) Anyway, as I was saying.. as I get older, I like to set goals for myself. When you’re younger you have milestones like your golden birthday (if you’re me) , turning 16 and officially becoming a badass, turning 18 and thinking that you were foolish to be excited for 16, then the best of all: 21 – my journey to becoming an alcoholic. But I digress I’m talking about setting real goals for myself now: like graduating college. Check. Now what? Sit around and wait until I turn 30.. boring. So my latest goal is to buy a car. Simple, but a totally rewarding experience.

Now, the way that I work is that I get really amped up something and then don’t necessarily follow through.. unless I convince myself that I need it in my life. So the motivation for me to actually save money to buy a car was to go and test drive one so that it is no longer an abstract goal in my mind, but rather determination to get exactly what I want. You might think this sounds greedy being motivated by my “wants” in life, but honestly I would never save the money otherwise. I need things to be attainable goals where I am going to see the end result of my actions. Judge it.. Judge it.. Okay? Are you done? Moving on..

Off to the dealership I went, and boy was I nervous. I knew that once I drove a car it would be on like Donkey Kong and I would be a proud car owner in the near future because I would do everything in my power to get what I want. Psssh, psych. I was TOTALLY wrong. There is nothing in the least exciting about car salesmen, and I had no idea why I thought this would be some sort of a magical experience. I let my excitement overcome my logic which would have reminded me, some sales people can be real dicks.

Please pardon my language, and notice I said SOME sales people, not ALL. So don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet. Now, before you buy a car, the obvious thing to do is research.  I did my part and narrowed it down to my top 3 contenders. So I’m hanging out, hanging out, twiddling my thumbs, standing around, ogling GTOs, standing around.. oh and FINALLY, a man with what appeared to be a peg leg approaches me.  I was with a friend who is a boy — not my boyfriend, let’s get that straight up front. I explain my situation, and immediately I’m treated with disrespect. FINE, I get it. I’m a stupid girl who says stupid things. WHATEVER. He didn’t talk to me the whole time and only asked my friend questions purely because he was a fellow male. For real? Does a wiener give you some sort of special knowledge powers or more money than me that I’m unaware of? Because the last time I checked, I was the one with the checkbook looking to buy, but hey — maybe I should consider a sex change.. At any rate, I left the place feeling dissatisfied, disappointed and totally discouraged.

So here’s a word of advice for anyone going into sales out there: don’t underestimate anyone. You have no idea where people come from or what they do, what they know or what they’re like. By passing blanket judgments on people,  you’re going to miss out on a lot of great things in life. In this case, he missed out on a sale. I loved the car, but I would never go back there to buy it from him, merely based on the fact that I was treated so poorly. So here’s to you Peg Leg Jones, I really hope you don’t treat all of your prospective customers this way.

Yeah, that’s MIA flipping off the crowd at the Superbowl this year.. if you missed that little tidbit, read about it here.