You know that Drake song where he says, “Sweatpants, hair tie chillin’ with no makeup on.. that’s when you the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong”? Well, I think that is a very nice sentiment but totally false. Let’s be real.. everyone (mostly girls, but let’s be honest.. some guys too)  looks better with makeup on. Except for this guy from The Voice:

He just creeps me out.

Every single time I am in some boring, dirty lobby, I inevitably pick up a copy of whatever frilly girl mag they have laying around. When I come across articles about “natural beauty” and “stripped down photo shoots”..I laugh to myself and think about how awesome I look in the morning. Sometimes when I wake up, I don’t even want to face myself in a mirror it’s that bad.. and anyone who says that never happens to them is totally lying. Don’t pretend like as you’re reading this you can’t think of an instance where you were like.. damn, I don’t even think all of the makeup and hairspray in the world could fix this. You know, those times when you go to sleep with your hair wet because you’re lazy and when you wake up you think.. I didn’t even know my hair could be this JANK.. it’s like a whole new level of fucked up.

Now, maybe there are people out there that totally don’t feel this way.. Let me tell you something, you’re delusional. Everyone on the Earth has an ugly day.. even major hotties. (Except people like: Ryan Braun, Tom Brady and Tim Tebow.. They are beautiful humans all the time)  And props to the girls out there that don’t wear makeup.. you are brave souls. As a word of advice, watch this Jenna Marbles video:

I think she sums it up pretty well..  There is hope for those days you look like a crusty homeless person.