So, I read my Facebook feed throughout the day and sometimes there are things that catch my eye which I just can’t pass up commenting on. I’ve found it very difficult to learn the right moments to argue and when to keep my mouth shut. 9 times out of 10, I fail at this. When I think about it though, is it really a bad thing for me to comment on a status or a post in which people have grossly misrepresented something? Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that the social media sphere is an open forum where you can post whatever you want.. but at least TRY to get your facts straight first.

I really just can’t resist the urge to challenge people when they post something that they think is “stupid” or “useless” just because they don’t like it. Look, there are plenty of things I don’t understand but that doesn’t mean that I should openly admit that. Jeeze, haven’t you learned to keep your cards close – and in this case, quit showing how ignorant you are to people. Uhh like duhh. So maybe next time you are angry and have something to post, think about it logically for a second … (long enough for the Jeopardy! music to play in your head).. okay.. is it still stupid? OR could there POSSIBLY be an answer for the drivel you are about to post resulting in you looking like a complete idiot? Yes? Then don’t post it. Some things are better kept in your mind anyway. If you really want an answer, there is this cool thing called Google that you could try too, just sayin’.

So my advice for today is to think twice before posting because chances are that at least 1 of your 1000 Facebook friends is smarter than you are.