Well, my title is a total lie because it is all about giving things up. Today is Mardi Gras, which means we should gorge ourselves and act in total gluttony.. wait a second, that doesn’t seem right. Well, anyway, I really have no secrets to hide, like the fact that I’m Catholic. So for me, today marks the day before lent begins. As children we were taught that we should give something up as sort of a “fasting” period for lent. Now without getting all religious and such, I’ve thought about this whole “giving something up” for a while this year.

A lot of times people give something up that is easy or not really challenging for them, and this year I wanted to really push myself. It gives me a reason to improve my own life, so I see this as giving things up but I’m also changing myself for the better. That is why this year I’ve decided to be a vegetarian for lent. Along with just giving up meat, because that really won’t be that hard for me, I am also making a pact to myself to live a healthier lifestyle which means giving up fast food and soda as well (*sigh* my favorite things in the world). For anybody that knows me, I love Big Macs more than any human really should.. yeah you can judge that, but I LOVE THEM.

Creating a habit is a really hard task for me, so this will give me a reason to make living healthy a more conscious decision and eventually just turn into my lifestyle. The saddest part of this is that I have to trick myself into doing something beneficial for myself, but it’s SO EASY to eat unhealthy.. So hopefully by the end of this journey I’ll be a better me. But for now, I’m going to mourn the loss of Big Macs in my life..