So some days I like to imagine all of the things I would love to do if I had no inhibitions or cares in the world starting with..TATTOOS! Now there are several reasons that this would be a terrible idea for me. First, I have a Public Relations and Marketing degree which falls in the business category, and unfortunately tattoos are looked down upon in this setting. My second and most important reason: I’M TERRIFIED. What if I don’t like it anymore? How much will it hurt? Is this really who I am? Is it worth it? Is this going to turn into something really creepy when I’m old and wrinkly? (the answer is always yes to this question) Anyway, if I could here are the tattoos I would get in an ideal world:

1. I’ve wanted this for a long time. This may be the one and only tattoo I ever get.. except see reason #2 I will never get one. 

2. I secretly wish I was a hipster.. but it’s not so secret. 

3. I have some strange affinity toward anchors and nautical things.. Dead serious. Stop judging me. 

4. I’m clearly going to get jacked and put this on my bangin’ bod. 

5. I heart Travis Barker and I think rib cage tattoos are BADASS. No joke. Oh and Pauly D.. Add him in there.

6. A meaningful handwritten or script tattoo. I think they look classy and really personal. 

7. Who made you king of anything? A mini-tat would suit me well. I know it.