Today, I found out that Prince Fielder is awaiting a 9-year $214 million contract with none other than the Detriot Tigers. FAIL. It was good while it lasted Prince.. I’m still going to love the shit out of “beast mode” that’s for sure.. and at least the Brewers never play the Tigers.. that would be too sad for me to handle. To drown my sorrows I decided to watch videos this afternoon that would make me laugh and here are my top three of the day that I want to share.

1. What is cuter than a group of Korean babies singing The Ramones? Not much. That’s what.

2. Animals never fail to make me smile. Plus I really want a pet pig. Preferably a bonsai pig.. if you don’t know what that is, Google “Pocket Pig” and you’ll see the cutest results EVER.

3. A cat wearing clothes.. no need to explain.

Bye Bye Prince!