So, this morning I was merging onto the freeway and I understand that everyone is in a hurry, but is it really necessary to pass me on the right? It seriously just irks me when people drive like such assholes. You are not any more important than I am mister so please just relax. This got me thinking about much I hate rude people. I will be the first one to admit that I swear like a sailor and speak my mind at any given time, but I still mind my p’s and q’s when it matters. I developed my thought of people’s rudeness and started a laundry list of things that people do that just plain suck:

1. Ride on your bumper on the freeway until you move, then drive slower than you are driving when you move over. 

2. When you hold the door someone in a public location and they don’t say “thank you”. 

3. When people demand things instead of just saying “please”. 

4. When you are in a crowded environment and people elbow you in the face without saying “excuse me”. 

This is just the beginning of my list, there are many more things people do that suck, obviously, but it is pretty clear that manners are the solution here. I know that some people think they have this thing called “entitlement”, but I for one, don’t believe in it. The word “deserve” is overused and played out.  It is just a word that we use to justify things that we want to do by placing value on some action we are consider rewarding, which is completely subjective. There are only a few things people actually deserve, and it isn’t a vacation or a pat on the back – but instead it is something of a more meaningful caliber, such as respect. You never know what kind of situation someone has been in, so how about instead of being selfish you say, thank you. Or instead of thinking that your actions only affect you that you add the words, “I’m sorry” to your dictionary. Those are the things people actually deserve.

(I hope this meme reminds you how stupid it looks to be rude)