So I almost forgot about my travel series after missing it for 2 weeks in a row – OOPS. BUT I’m BACK! So clearly the focus of my Wednesday blog posts is travelling. As winter fast approaches, I am seriously itching to go on a vacation. I’ve been thinking about places that I could go without having to take a ton of time off of work but really be able to maximize the fun-ness while I am gone.. then I remembered one of the coolest music festivals of all time.. SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST in Austin, Texas.

Now, if you don’t know much about it, South By Southwest is a combination of music, film festival and convention. The part that I am most concerned with attending is the music. SXSW (a common abbreviation for the shindig) consists of over 2,000 performers over the span of 4 days in 90 different Austin venues. I know that I sound like I’m making a sales pitch right now, but jeeze.. that is morale indie music than my little heart could ever desire.

I’m certain that plenty of my friends reading this post haven’t heard of half of the bands on the already announced list, but the cool part is neither do I! That is what I find to be most exciting about the whole thing. You can catch some bands that you love in a small bar or venue and then listen to tons of other music that you may not have known about otherwise.

On top of this awesome music festival, a trusty resource of mine (my dad) told me that Austin is the place to party. It is known as the live music capital of the world, which I’m sure other cities protest.. but it truly is a place to hang out! Having one of the most famous streets in all of Texas, 6th Street is the place to be. It has all the entertainment you could want, and better yet – it is lined with historical buildings and restaurants. I can’t help myself but to sound like a city tour-guide or as if I’m giving a book report, I just can’t get over how much I want to visit this city! If there is a way to my heart, it is definitely through indie music and my own hipster side.. and partying of course. So since I always include a list, here is my list of places I want to visit when I finally make my way to SXSW:

1. Maggie Mae’s

Well, I love their logo and they have a ROOFTOP BAR! Now that’s my style..

2. See a show at Emo’s –
It is one of the smallest venues on the Austin 6th Street Strip, but they have all kinds of awesome band fliers and it just seems like a place where I would feel at home.. A small hole-in-the-wall bar that has local music and people of all kinds. Here are a few of their posters.. but hit the jump for a whole gallery:
3. Party down at The Stage :
Well, it’s a country bar.. and it is Texas.. so I feel like it’s only fitting. Plus the layout looks pretty legit and all of these places have outdoor patios for concerts..
It is apparently known as a watering hole for politicians and lawyers, which sounds unattractive to most, I know.. but how else am I going to miraculously trick someone into paying for my law school?! I’m thinking scandal.
5. Lastly, I would like to go to this bar called Fuel. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to a place that looks like this ( I mean c’mon there are FLAMES involved):