So last night, I decided I should probably clean/unpack my room. (it’s not like I’ve lived there for 5 months or anything) I found my ski jacket which reminded me of the next place on my vacation bucket list.. Lake Tahoe! I’m all amped up for the snow and I even put on my fur gloves and dreamed about how much I want to go there.

First of all, although I don’t have very major skills, I love to ski. There is something so scary but peaceful at the same time as being out on the slopes. Getting to ride on the ski lift and watch people face plant as they get off.. what gets better than that?  So as I said earlier, I’m not the greater skier of all time, but I can only hope my time at Lake Tahoe would be just as fun as my first time (minus the snow patrol of course) I would be totally fine with hanging out on the bunny hill all day with the Swedish 2-year-old’s that can’t walk, but they can ski..

So with skiing comes staying in a ski lodge, obviously. I think this is the most exciting part for me. I love to travel, but when you get there an it is just a generic hotel with the usual, skeezy bed sheets and a minibar you have to pay for. What a rip. But when I envision staying in a lodge, it is a log cabin with a wood burning stove inside.. hot cocoa (on demand of course) fluffy blankets and pillows. I could walk around in my tights and legwarmers without people judging me. Now that sounds like vacation to me.

Now I know it seems silly to go from one cold state to another, but the scenery change is just so beautiful and definitely worth the trip. The last thing on my agenda would definitely be just to do legitimate sight seeing. I know that seems like something you would do anywhere that you go, and that is probably true.. but I’m not sure that they could compete with these:

These pictures remind me the most important reason that people go to Lake Tahoe.. duh! THE CLARITY OF THE WATER! It is the second deepest lake in the United States and the clarity level is 70 feet! That is so crazy and BEAUTIFUL, I’m sure! I’m such a nerd for facts, but I think this is definitely somewhere that I want to check out.