So as promised, here is the first post of my fantasy mini-travel series. My first stop would have to be a place that is cheesy to the max, but I just want to experience it one time.. LAS VEGAS. As a kid, I would watch the movie Vegas Vacation over and over again with my cousin Lynn, and laugh everytime. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to go there and try to have just as crazy of a time.. probably a little more fun than Vegas Vacation but a little less fun than The Hangover ( I’m not trying to find a tiger in my hotel room or pull my own tooth out)

I know that this seems like a really typical place to pick and it is in no way out of the ordinary, but there are so many things that I think I would love about it that aren’t the same reasons as everyone else.  What I mean by this is that I don’t even gamble.. I’ve been in a casino ONCE — and I hated it.  So now this post is probably even more confusing.. but I might consider gambling if there was drinking involved.. Anyway, here are the reasons I want to go.

1. ALL OF THE LIGHTS. There is something about the neon lights that make my heart race (or I’m probably about to have a seizure, whatever) but I still just love them. Plus, I want to stand on the top of a limo like Weezy in the Lollipop music video.

2. I (probably would) love extreme rollercoasters! I can’t say for sure if I would, but I can only assume..

3. I like to stay up late. Considering everything is open 24 hours.. this seems like the perfect location for this. There is nothing more frustrating than being bored at 3 a.m. and just going home.. in Vegas there are a million things that I could still be doing — which is legit.

4. It’s one of those: do-whatever-without-judgement type of places. I guarantee that there is someone doing something more stupid than I would be, but I could still probably be belligerent and not even come close to being “out of control” by Vegas standards.

5. I love dressing up and wearing ridiculous clothes. So I definitely have the most out of control, random pieces of clothing that are inappropriate to wear at almost all times, and I think that anything I could wear wouldn’t even come close to the outfits of other people in Vegas. I love sparkles, glitter, neon colors, over-sized headbands, giant cocktail rings.. you know the usual. I’ll fit right in with the showgirls..

So I guess the reasons I want to go there are to let loose, do what I feel and wear crazy clothes.