So after coming back from the 20 hour drive to Florida in March, I determined that I must be a crazy person. I’m sure most of you are probably thinking.. you’re just figuring that out now?  Anyway, the reason that I think that is because even though the 20 hour ride was super tiring.. it was really fun and I want to go on a legitimate road trip. Like from the movies style.. (except I don’t want it to end up like all of those horror movies where I meet some locals who end up being my demise — Human Centipede Style, yuck.) I want to get into my car and just drive and see all of the strange things that America has to offer. To really fulfill my curious side I think that a trip to the South would be most entertaining. After being in a mini-van in Alabama for 9 hours, I realized that there are probably some pretty out-of-this-world, weird sites to see. From billboards with the ten commandments on them to meeting locals at an old school gas station, I think the Bayou is the place for me. There are so many thing that I could do on a road trip to the South, so here is a checklist of things I want to complete:

Go into a legit honky-tonk. Just to say I did.

Find a moonshine dealer. No explanation needed.

Drink whiskey at a distillery. Jim Beam is my best bet because APPARENTLY Jack Daniels is in a dry county and you can’t sample, whoever thought of that one SUCKS.

Try to find Bon Temps .This might take a while considering it is a made up town from True Blood.

Hang out with a guy that has a trumpet in the French Quarter.

Eat jambalaya. Or shrimp. Or both. Enough said.

Acquire a southern accent. This one shouldn’t take me too long – I’m really good at assimilating.

Find a Bronco with a rebel flag that I can drive around. This goes along with the assimilation to the culture.

Talk to the most unusual people. This shouldn’t be that difficult for me, I attract creepers like it is my J-O-B.

– Go on a wind boat. And hopefully see the guys from Swamp People.

See an alligator. (NOT up close, but from a distance or a car would be cool)

So this plan is only in the infant stages, but I more than likely will end up doing this for real and I can’t wait to write the follow-up post including all of the shenanigans I get into. Or I’ll get eaten by an alligator. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see..