So in my “off-season” or summer hiatus as I like to call it.. I attended the greatest festival of all time: Pig in the Pines, a get together dedicated solely to eating ribs. Yum. It was worth the 15 pounds I put on while I was up there. So considering this was in North Woods of Wisconsin, the night life entertainment was quite.. umm.. interesting? Yeah, I guess that would be the word.. so the lead singer of the Monkees Micky Dolenz. So there wasn’t much else to do, and this guy was famous at one point right? Totally wrong. Well, he was famous, but I have no idea why. First of all, he talked the whole time about all these famous people he has met in his life which is cool, but then what the H happened to you? You are headlining a barbecue festival in a town of 500 people. Really? So as the concert proceeded, and I’m sure as he did more drugs, everything just kept getting weirder and weirder. First, he did a cover of Jimi Hendrix after claiming that he used to open for The Monkees. While that may be true, it was a travesty of a performance. Now considering this was a FAMILY event, he then continued to then say the “F” word multiple times: keepin’ it classy. After the godforsaken show was over, it brought so many questions to my mind, but the main one being WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? How do you go from having a TV show and a super famous band to playing solo singing a love ballad with your sister on a stage in the middle of a little league baseball field? How did all of these other iconic bands make it and still tour to this day? I guess the best reason I could come up with is that these other bands evolved and kept coming out with new music and this guy played old songs from his glory days, which of course, everyone has classics and that is great, but there was never anything new. He is basically being a Brett Favre of the music industry. Now I still hold a special place in my heart for Favre (Blah blah blah I know, you hate him) but that is because he is a legend but just didn’t want to quit. When will burnouts learn their lesson that not everyone can be as timeless as Bret Michaels?