Soooo, boy long time no blogging! Well part of the reason it has taken me so long is partly because I’ve been adjusting to a new job and house, but the MOST important reason is because our internet has been down for the past 4 weeks. Basically, it was like living in the medieval times around here, true pioneers. But in all actuality, after 20 hours on the phone with AT&T and 9 tech visits later it made me realize how valuable apologies can be. Now obviously everyone knows that saying sorry is something we should do and it has become a social cue in many situations, or at least I thought. I started doing some reflecting on how often I say sorry, and boy it is a lot! I bump into someone, I say something incorrectly, I don’t hold the door quite long enough and there it is, that pretty little five letter word: SORRY. But does this mean I’ve cheapened its meaning because I say it all the time? Do I really deep-down mean it? You know, I’m not going to fret over it, but I do think it makes people feel better hearing me say it, so to me it hasn’t lost its meaning at all. Now to get back on track, AT&T. Let me bring this full circle. So I called them daily and told each person over and over and over and probably 10 times over again after that I wanted my internet to be fixed. Each person on the phone had the same response: I’m Sorry But… And there is the problem right there, that one little word: BUT. Immediately there is a passing of the blame. There is always a reason that someone is “sorry” but it really isn’t their fault. We have all been taught to pass the buck and find some sort of a scape goat out of personal accountability. In my book, people may think I’m blunt or very forward, but I like to call it honest. If I make a mistake I say sorry. That is it. No excuses, I messed up. Cold, hard and shiny honesty. Some people may find it to be brutal or brash, but in the long run it makes you trustworthy and genuine. So maybe the next time you find yourself in the situation to say you are sorry, try this out. Just say, “Sorry” and leave it at that.

(Okay this picture is just funny)