Did you ever have to sit down and think: What am I really good at? What makes me…ME? That is something I’ve struggled with for a long time, because I find that most people are disillusioned with who they really are. If I think I’m funny, but other people think I’m annoying, well then I’m not good at entertaining people, but I THINK I am, so does that mean I’m still successful at it just because I’ve convinced myself that I am? Self-worth and matter are things that we care about the most, so if we “don’t care what other people think” then I guess my statement earlier is true, you should be able to convince yourself that you are good at anything, invincible even.. But for some reason, we all still find ourselves doubting our next move and making sure that all of our ducks are in a line. I would like to say I’m spontaneous, but realistically, is it really spontaneous just because I agree to last-minute things, or does that just mean that I don’t have a plan or a path so I always have the time to agree to those things? Who knows. I wish I could convince myself that I am one of the Incredibles right now, but I can’t quite figure out what my super powers are yet. I can’t figure out how many tablespoons of salt make up what is me. Hopefully I can think of something soon, or find some sort of inspiration. Maybe I’ll end up like the baby in that movie and be able to blow people up with my mind.. that’d be cool.. or the ability to fly, I could use the gas money.