So I’ve been on sabbatical for a while (or in Hawaii, same thing..) and haven’t written a blog in, I don’t know.. a grip? but while I was travelling the seven seas, I heard the same song over and over and over again, JUDAS (Ju-daaaah) by Lady Gaga. So obviously I knew that the song was about bad virtue and being a badass, but c’mon.. are you kidding me? I get that hating on Catholicism is the cool and hipster thing to do, by going against the grain and hating on “the man”, but why is that okay? Just because Lady Gaga says it, does that mean that we should just brush off whatever she says as her lyrical representation of life. When interviewed by E! on whether or not her music video was controversial she responded by saying, “In my opinion, the only controversial thing about this video is that I’m wearing Christian Lacroix and Chanel in the same frame.”  For real? I would have a lot less problems if she could just admit that she is being offensive or say, okay yeah it could be conceived as rude. So please just man up, admit that video is weird if not anything else and take responsibility for being a doucher. Oh, and the corn-row jesus is straight up creepy.

So at any rate, can someone please explain to me how you can come out with a song called “Born this Way” which is an anthem about being an individual and unique, but then you release a video blatantly hating on someone else’s traditions and religious beliefs. Not cool in my book, but I’ll give her the fact that it is a catchy ass song. You win that one Gaga.