So on my sister’s birthday (Tuesday April 26) I watched the Chicago Blackhawks lose in OT to the Vancouver Canucks. Not being from the Windy City, I couldn’t care less about their loss.. HOWEVER, it made me think about how upset people get when their favorite team loses, like we know them personally. Now I’m all about being a die-hard fan who has all the dedication to their hometown in the world.. but why do we let ourselves get into a bad mood about it? Bragging rights? I’m not sure that is a good enough reason to put me into a bitch-fit. I love reppin’ my city and would even tattoo any Milwaukee sports logos on my body.. but I guess if I got sad every time one of our teams lost that would be a pretty depressing life. (I guess that isn’t saying much for our teams here though.. except the Pack #Green&Yellow baby)  In the long run, your favorite players are still lining their pockets with millions of green so don’t feel too bad for them. You can just find other things to brag about… like for example Chicago fans, if a Vancouver fan approaches you, stop, look them in the face and say, “Well, we may have lost but you are still from Canada.. America’s hat.” and then continue to mercilessly ridicule them for being from WHEREVER they’re from.. not even if it’s just Canada.. it could be anywhere. As a true fan, you just need to know one sheisty piece of information about each of the other teams so you can Zing! someone every time. Another example would be, “Oh yeah Yankees fans? You may be rich and your team may have salaries that one person couldn’t spend in a lifetime, but you STILL DIDN’T WIN THE WORLD SERIES.” Money wasted. Then just pretend you can’t understand what they’re saying or stare at them for having a New York accent.. (even though accents are totally cool, don’t give yourself up like that.. let them think you think it’s lame) Another approach to dealing with gloating fans besides ridicule would be to do something that I’m really not good at but it shuts people up.. Just admit your loss. Say, “You know what we lost.. but I’ll still always love (Insert Team Name Here)” They really won’t have anything to say back to that.. How can you argue with a fan that genuinely just loves their team through win or loss. The lesson here is that people are more likely to pick on your when you throw temper tantrums just because some people who you don’t even know, nor have you met, who are representing your team at the time of the game/match/whatever (and could be traded or leave at any moment) lose. So get over it, love your team, put on your favorite jersey or lucky underwear.. whatever floats your boat, but stop moping.

…I’ll step down from my soap box now.

Oh and this video is because Wisconsin does have the bragging rights.. so I’ll use them.

*This blog title brought to you in part by DJ Khaled and Greg Hendricks