So after attending a concert at my school last night I realized something that I had totally forgotten about and boy I feel shameful for doing so. One of the coolest 80’s rock legends of all time: BRET MICHAELS! Once I heard the band start to play those chords.. The magic of B. Michaels took over my body. He is entertainment to the max. From his European extensions to his leather-like skin there is nothing more that I would want but to meet the legend himself. I would envision it going something like this..

I’m standing in a desert, you know because that is a dramatic setting. You hear a vulture ca-cawing loudly and a rattlesnake in the distance. It is sweltering heat and of course I’m by myself when all of the sudden I see a woman on a Harley, blonde hair majestically whipping in the wind, but as they get closer I realize, wait that isn’t a woman with that bandana, long beautiful golden locks and leopard print leather pants, that is BRET MICHAELS himself! Following closely behind him is an army of skanks all sharing one piece of pleather clothing as they fight over who can get more drunk and get diabetes so they can be just like the man they follow around day and night. Of course he walks up to me and starts singing “Every Rose has its Thorn” and I get on his motorcycle while he isn’t looking and drive it away which then starts the 589th season of “Rock of Love: Desert Edition” where he is going to have to make the most difficult decision of his life, does he choose the girl young enough to be his granddaughter.. or does he actually choose his granddaughter? I guess you’ll all have to wait and find out.. don’t want to ruin any surprises.

And that is how I would meet Bret Michaels.