There are many negative things in life I’m pretty good at, you know, like yelling, getting my way and things like that.. which is a terrible thing to say I know, but I’ve accepted that truth. One thing that I’m not very good at, however, is saying two simple letters when people ask me for a favor: N-O. This post is for all of those people out there that take advantage of people like me, but more importantly one of my best friends Greg Hendricks. (If you aren’t friends with him.. you should really reconsider that life choice) So he as well is one of those people who just can’t bring himself to ever let anyone down or say those same two letters. So instead of me talking about how cool he is, because DUH! We’re friends.. of course he is cool, I want to talk about how rude it is of other people to put him in that place where he has to say yes. If you know what you want done, then why not just take the time and do it yourself? Instead these abusers ask you to complete a task for them, leave out crucial information (that is like a requirement), they are needy and want you to work on their time line, then on top of it all, after you complete it, they tell you it’s wrong! So FRUSTRATING. These types of people are also very notorious for making their problems YOUR problem now. If they are behind on something, guess what? It’s all your fault. Well eff these kinds of people. Why don’t you take more time to consider your project or task or WHATEVER your favor is and plan it out more thoroughly next time, okay? Thanks. Oh, and stop asking people like Greg to do your work for you because guess what? I think Pull Ups says it best, “You’re a big kid now” so act like one and clean out your full diaper and suit up.

People of Walmart Never Fails.

*DISCLAIMER: If my dad ever caught wind of this entry he would try to discredit me with my inability to say “no” to people claiming that I do all the time, HOWEVER, this is only in the circumstance of doing chores in which case I merely ignore that he is talking and don’t actually say “no” to doing them OR I simply run away.*