So it’s the beginning of April and the past six months have come and gone in the blink of an eye, and here I sit not exactly in the place I envisioned myself when I was a little girl. When you’re a kid you think to yourself, by the time I’m 21 and graduating college, I’m going to be worldly and know everything I’ve always wanted to with a dream job to boot.. or least a pony! Instead, I’m a second semester Senior struggling to decide where I’m going. I’m much to young for this to be a mid-life crisis, but it is definitely a I’m graduating college and I’m not ready crisis. Maybe I was an over-aspiring child, but this not exactly what I expected. I’m totally fine with being done doing homework and staying up late to cram study, but college is such a cruel joke. You come here for 4 years, or more, make best friends and then you all move away! What a jip! It is definitely going to be the most memorable years of my life, but how unfair that now I need to move on, but what if I don’t want to. I don’t want to be the eternal sorority girl who still hangs around college, but I don’t want to live in corporate America. I don’t want to play workplace games. I don’t want to worry about things like 401K or health insurance. I don’t want to chose just one career path. The worst part about all of this, is that I know there are about 599 other seniors thinking the exact same thing I am right now.. You play it cool and convince yourself everything will be alright because that is all you can do. You jump through the hoops of making a LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, a portfolio. You attend all of the career seminars that they make you. You complete your mock interviews and your capstone class which is all supposed to set you up for the future. Going to college used to be a golden ticket in the job market, but these days that just doesn’t cut it anymore. EVERYONE HAS THE GOLDEN TICKET. Everyone has a degree, but what else can you possibly do to set yourself apart from everyone else? How do you catch their attention? Writing that you are unique or eclectic is barely even going to get someone to glance at your resume for one extra second. So where do you find that inner glitter and sparkle that will really get you to that little girl dream? I’m not sure yet.. So I’ll guess I’ll have to get back to you. But for now, here’s to the Seniors of 2011.