So as all of my friends know, the only thing I asked for on my birthday this past year was a Razor scooter. I talked about it constantly. All of the fun I would have with it and how much entertainment it would bring to all of our lives.. and having the best friends in the world, they bought it for me! Not only did they buy me a Razor scooter, but they got me a pretty pink one with tassels and a bell included. It has made many appearances and will probably famous soon, since it was in the Carroll Homecoming Parade. (you know, the parade that has a 1 mile route, duh!)

Well anyway, I love my pink scooter with my whole heart, so for Christmas my sister bought me: you guessed it! A SECOND SCOOTER! This one is a limited edition that will probably be taken off the market any day now (if it hasn’t been already) because it has some pretty dangerous features which in my book = BEST TIMES EVER. It shoots sparks when you stomp on the brakes.. so I immediately had to try it (OBVIOUSLY) and rode it around in my friend’s basement. So their house became the temporary residence for my scooter because it gets the most use there. This weekend one of the SMARTEST kids I know decided he should start a new sport: COFFEE TABLE SCOOTERING. This quickly turned into the funniest competition I have ever seen, complete with face-planting among many other injuries. The point was to start out standing on the table and try to ride and jump onto the couch. After many missed attempts, I realized, this Razor scooter is BADASS. It survived many falls, missed landings and being thrown. So here’s to you Razor Scooter brand for making such a quality product! Kudos! And hopefully there will be video footage to come in the near future.