The latest phenomenon is sweeping the nation.. or wait no it isn’t, it’s totally against the mainstream even though everyone is doing it. I bet you can guess what I’m talking about just by using a few descriptive words: over-sized glasses, saggy hats, paint-on-tight jeans (on a man) or as my Aunt has informed me “Ex-Girlfriend Pants”, the “dirty” I just rolled around in some dirt on the side of the road or potentially fell off of my fixie bike look, flannel…. and the list goes on. So if you live under a shell or you haven’t been to Bay View lately, I’m talking about HIPSTERS. They are sweeping small towns across the nation, flooding bars and driving up the prices of PBR everywhere. I have become obsessed with this lifestyle since I’m from one of those neighborhoods that seems to be hypnotized by this, when I realized something.. my own dad is a hipster.

I didn’t think it was true the first time I thought it.. but then I went through the checklist, besides the skinny jeans, he totally fits the description! He stays out later than I do on the weekends with a crowd of people that all know him as “Uncle Pauly”. They are into music that even their friends have never heard of before and no one is even sure if it even exists. Tattoos cover their bodies and their outfits are inspired by their grandparents. My dad has been to more shows than I ever have and he has these “friends” that he sees every time we go out. He has recently decided to get a Macbook, and when I asked him why he said: my friends told me they are easier to use.. who are these people he is talking about? New age hippies that’s who.. except they would never admit to that because that would be so uncool. So if you live on the southside and you only listen to 88.9 Radio Milwaukee or WMSE, you find yourself dressing with rockabilly flare from the 50s, you only eat at local restaurants with a hip-vibe.. Congratulations! You are a hipster, but hey, I can’t hate because I do a lot of those things myself.. like when I waited in line to get my tickets to see The Black Keys at Summerfest (July 6 2011)

I’ll have to prepare myself and get the outfit to match the lifestyle if I’m going to move back to the Hipster mecca this May… and in case you want to learn how:

And here is one of my favorite music videos ever (Thanks James):