I am about to give up all credibility as both a person and a writer, but I did it. I saw the Justin Bieber movie (in 3D of course)…the worst part about it? I LOVED IT. I agreed to go with because I’ve heard his music, but I really didn’t know the story behind this kid. Was he a Miley Cyrus type? Did he have parents in the industry.. I wasn’t sure, so I had to find out. Being the most skeptical person I know, I thought that I would just seem like a creepy 21-year-old going to see a movie that would be ridiculous and larger than life, but I was totally wrong.

Well, I wasn’t TOTALLY wrong.. I was a creepy 21-year-old sitting in the movie theater with a ton of tweens that were getting rowdy. I was under the impression that they all would’ve seen the movie the day it came out so I would seem much less pedophile-like when I saw it, but I was definitely wrong. The hoards of screaming girls had rested up their vocal chords so that they could sing along to every single song that came on and screamed their little lungs out every single time they thought he looked like a certified hottie. The most disappointing part, however, wasn’t their squealing, but the fact that they scoffed when SNOOP DOGG came on the screen! Who the eff are these children? That made me officially feel like I was one of “those” adults who talks about what was cool “when they were younger”.. but anyway..

It was documentary style and really showed how this kid got famous. He was just a regular little boy living in Canada who loved to play music: I can’t disrespect that. His mom would record videos of him performing and started a YouTube channel for relatives across the country.. but other people thought that he had talent as well. I never knew that! I was so impressed and it really was a heart-warming story. I know all the non-bliebers out there are hating hardcore on me right now, but I have to say kudos to you Bieber. In a matter of 3 years you have become a multi-millionaire 17-year-old who has done things that most people will never even imagine to accomplish in their life such as: #happy17thbdaybiebs was a WORLDWIDE trending topic today. How cool is that? He is worth $65.6 million dollars. He SOLD OUT Madison Square Garden within 20 minutes of tickets going on sale. I don’t know about you but I’ve got the Bieber Fever.. and so do a lot of other people.

He had a whole Glee episode dedicated to him, and the only other people who have had that honor are Madonna and Britney Spears.

He has also been on :

And most recently featured in best friends wardrobe:

So I hope I’ve inspired all of you to be BLIEBERS.