So I’ve never bought any major electronic item for myself. I have a bunch of cool stuff brought to me by, you guessed it: my parents. I am very thankful for all of the cool things I have, but I finally wanted to buy something myself. After researching flip cameras, I was pretty set on getting one. With spring break coming up in less than a month (wooo PCB) I figured I should invest in a little extra memory, since mine might not be so sharp that week.. After talking with the most reliable friend I have who would know about what to get, he convinced me to take a smarter route for my life: the Kodak Playsport.

Considering my past with appliances/electronics:

1 white cashmere scarf left in the snow = 1 broken snowblower

1 jacket left in a leaf pile = 1 broken leafblower

1 giant log + 1 mp3 player = 1 broken lawnmower

1 Gideon’s bible + falling off of a shelf = 1 broken laptop keyboard

Alcohol + Shenanigans + Nickie + Carelessness = 5 broken Droids

So with this new video camera, I took a couple of things into consideration. If I’m going to be taking video in PCB, that means…

So this camera has a super cool feature: it is WATERPROOF which in my book is going to be Nickie-Proof. I guess I’ll have to report back later.. in the mean time, this is the first video recorded on the 13 seconds of space available..(until I get a SD card of course)

p.s. that is NOT my hand..