So all of my friends know, I’ve sworn off GPS.. or at least refuse to use it. I really don’t care if others use it, it just really isn’t my style. Getting sweet navigation skills from my dad, I always look to my trusty map and like to think of myself as a Rand McNally, Jr. (My dad knows everything, obviously he is Rand McNally..) I have a pretty good track record, thousands of logged hours in my car, a 1000 mile trip to Colorado on my own without a map, and I am feeling pretty confident with my skills.

On my way to an undisclosed location, I looked up the directions on Google beforehand, BOOM: I knew where I was going. I wrote everything down and I was on my way. Feeling good, I was confident that I was going to make it on time to my meeting. I get close to where I should be reaching my destination and I start to think to myself.. this really can’t be right. Trusting it ONE time, I pull out my Droid and type the address into my GPS because I was pretty sure that this upper-middle class neighborhood was definitely not the business I was looking for. I type the address in, and GREAT! It says only 1 mile to your destination.. as I drive down the road, I am hopeful, but I become more wary as I start passing corn, farm houses, “dogs for sale” signs and even one or two cows. Shoot. This is NOT right. I “reach my destination” according to my GPS, and since it is powered by Google, it shows you an image on the screen of the actual location, which turns out to be…A PICTURE OF A FIELD.

Needless to say, I call the person I’m meeting up with and find out that I’m actually 20 minutes away from where they are.. (approx. 15 miles) I’m 15 minutes late and frazzled to the max. So I get there FINALLY, but now since I got lost on the way there, I’m headed back out to P-Town, so I try the GPS again to give it a second chance. I’ve put this address in before, so I know that it is legit.. just a regular day on my way to internship. Since I’m all turned around, I start going and I think to myself.. wow this seems really far away from where I’m supposed to  be headed, but hey I’m not from the ‘Sha so I will trust that I’m taking some sort of back route. A pretty relaxing drive, very shortly turned into a 45 minute nightmare. Once again, as I “neared the destination” I was on a winding road.. Guess where? IN THE MIDDLE OF ANOTHER FIELD! So I finally get my bearings and recognize a street name. Not only am I in another county, but now I’m 20 miles away from where I’m supposed to be!

So this experience settled it. I’m never trusting a GPS again. And even after taking a “technology in society” class, I realize that due to the argument of a priori (the dumb instrument argument) that states it is not the actually technologies fault, it is the person who programmed that technologies fault, I will put all of my irrational blame on Droid #6. (RIP Droids 1-5, we had a good run.. until I broke all of you) and hopefully I won’t throw this one out of the window in anger.