So recently, I was at my internship and a conversation about inappropriate t-shirts came up. I laughed for a while, but then I really thought about it.. when is the appropriate time to wear one? and who is allowed to wear them?

Clearly not caring at all about social norms and rocking out whatever strange outfit I feel like.. I thought to myself, I probably own some inappropriate clothing, but when do I wear it? And then I remembered.. oh yeah! My dad bought me the most awkward, inappropriate thing for his daughter ever: a t-shirt that says “NICE RACK” on the front. Creeped out at first, I yelled at him, but then later realized that it was from a barbeque place in Texas and he was just trying to be funny.. oh my dad and his “jokes”. Well anyway, I thought about when I wear it, which is to bed, but what would happen if I wore it in public? I’m not really sure. I guess I’ll have to think about this some more.

Guys seem to be able to pull this off a lot more than girls, but why is that fair? I guess for now I’ll have to express my crazy wild side by doing things like wearing my Elton John purple sequined sweater.. but for some reason I have a feeling that fairly soon I’m going to have to instate “Fugly T-Shirt Fridays” and bust out all of the inappropriate, awkward clothing I own. I can’t wait.

and just in case you want to be as cool as me…

[click the picture, it’s a direct link to their store ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]


…and I know, I look really good in that shirt, thanks!