So a couple weeks ago, I was driving on the freeway when my check engine light comes on.. with my pimp-ride of an impala, that is pretty ordinary. So rockin’ it out at 65, I realize.. oh dang, my car just shut off. So as I coast off the freeway to safety, I pull over.

Using my handy wrench, I pop the hood open (since I broke the handle that opens it… of course) and I call the only person who I know will know what to do: my dad. He suggested I try tinkering under the hood.. with my dress clothes on, that was not about to happen. While waiting for my best friend to come rescue me, a sheriff pulls up behind me, great. Thinking that they will be helpful, I approach the officer. Obviously I look pretty threatening in my heels, dress pants and hounds-tooth jacket so they tell me to stop where I am. I comply, get out my license and proof of insurance and tell them what happened. They proceed to tell me they are going to have to go “check my record” to make sure I’m clean.. understandable.

As I’m waiting there, on the side of the road, the officer tells me that I am being a hazard and if my friend isn’t there in the next 2 minutes they will tow my car away.. eff.

So as I’m waiting and counting the seconds, they then proceed to question me about the rubbermaid containers in my backseat. I tell them that they are from my dad’s house fire, and they say, “oh sure they are!”

I stopped dead in my tracks and realized, almost every situation I’ve ever been in involving police has been a bad one. I always keep my cool and stay as polite as possible, but it doesn’t seem to matter. So now I finally understand where N.W.A. was coming from. Not all people are bad, so cheer up Mr. Sheriff. Not everyone is lying or a bad person.