After watching the video Digital Nation it really peaked my interest. I immediately began discussing it with all of my friends. I told them about all the things I was shocked about, such as the gamers in Korea who take it so seriously that there have actually been fatalities to the classrooms that only rely on games as a way to learn. It really challenged what I thought about technology and what it really has done to affect my life.

I have somewhat convinced myself that kids that are younger than myself really don’t have any respect for reading and writing anymore, but then I think about all the things that I do online. As I sit here at my PC and type this out, I think to myself, wow I am “one of those kids”. However, I do take great interest in picking up a book and actually reading the classics.

There are so many interesting things that the movie didn’t even cover, like social media, which is a whole marketplace and world in itself. I am currently a social media whore who stares at Facebook and Twitter all day, watching the trending topics and blogging about “what people are talking about now”.

I didn’t really grow up with all the awesome technology that is available today; I never had a gameboy or a laptop as a kid, I had an old computer that still took floppy disks until my parents finally upgraded to the greatest invention known to man, dial-up..not. We didn’t have cable TV until I was in high school, but I think that all of these things made me appreciate what technology is available and how it can really enhance my knowledge since I had a pretty “old-school” upbringing. Things like my Droid really have changed the way I live my life since I literally get updates on what my friends are doing, news, e-mails, maps, you name it instantly in the palm of my hand.

I don’t believe that we as a society are in trouble, but we do need to utilize the available technologies appropriately and realize there are just some things you can’t learn from a computer. Human instinct and natural ability is not something that you can “learn” from YouTube or read up on at the latest blog. They need to continue to be integrated with each other and we also need to realize that technology is available to everyone. The latest technologies are not even close to being affordable for all people and it will leave a gap if we can’t realize that.

My class which is about technology and society is going to be very interesting, and opening my SecondLife is going to be an interesting experience that will be in a future blog I’m sure.

As for now, here is a link to Digital Nation, which in my opinion is TOTALLY worth watching.