I knew it would be a long road when my co-worker informed me her favorite band was the worst band known to mankind: Nickelback. The band that got literally stoned off the stage in Portugal. Apparently you don’t even need to speak English to know they suck.

Well anyway, that’s just part one of my work adventures..

Yesterday, I’m sitting in my cubicle, imagining what the outside looks like after being trapped in a grey box of death, when I hear the most ridiculous thing. You know, singing quietly at your desk is one thing, but singing out loud is another.

Now lady, I know you frequent some of the coolest bars in waukesha to show off your karaoke skillz, but c’mon. There is nothing worse or more distracting than hearing Carrie Underwood’s “before he cheats” karaoke rendition at 10 a.m. while trying to collect millions of dollars, Jeeze.

So in turn, hush your mouth. You sit 4 inches away from me, and instead watch your fave fave fave band of all time get stoned. Literally.