So today I was minding my own business, just buying  card in Walgreens. I get to the check out and the woman in front of me is going on an on about some monkey she bought. It was almost unbearable to listen to because I hate monkeys so much, but that is another story. So I finally get to the counter and this is a cashier that I have dealt with before. The first time was just a brief encounter where she told me a story about her Whinnie the Pooh limited edition pin that she had ordered from Vietnam.. strange I know.

So I get to the counter, and she asks me if I would like to hear some trivia today. I say yes, of course, and she asks me if I know where the two-dollar bill came from. I honestly didn’t know.. So I answered, “no”. She then said.. well it was invented at the race track for when they take $2 bets. Totally irrelevant. I just nodded because I didn’t know what to say.

So naturally, I did some research upon hearing this “factoid”. I used my superb google abilities and found no such claim of the sort. But this isn’t even the weirdest part of the story. The cashier continued on, to tell me a joke.

Cashier: “do you now what a calorie is?

Me: “…uh yeah”

Cashier: “you do?”

Me: “yeah…?”

Cashier: “They’re those little shits that go into your closet at night and sew your clothes tighter!”