All is calm at the James street abode on Thursday night. Typical drinking, watching Dexter, blowing condoms up into balloons: nothing out of the ordinary.

It starts to get late and Beez decides to head home. Less than a minute later, I receive a text:

(920): there is some creeper out by a tree outside lock your doors


…thinking nothing of it, and thinking he was speaking about himself I shrugged it off until 10 minutes later when I get a phone call from Zach frantically whispering about the same strange man.. but all I could hear was that this man had no pants on.

Looking out my window, low and behold there is a man swaying back and forth outside of my house.. pantless.

Freaked out, I called the cops where I described said, “pantless man” and less than 5 minutes later a squad car rolls up. The cop gets out of the car to talk to the man when he finally decides to pull his pants up. After searching him on the hood of the cop car he made a slight scuffle when they tried to put him in the back of the cop car.

15 minutes pass by and everything is now pretty calm and quiet again, when the police call back to ask if this man “exposed his penis” to us when BeeGee responds “No, but I think my friends saw his dick.”

Now we just wait to see what this police report has to say..