Went to a new Waukesha bar that I have never been to: House of Guiness. There was a totally legit irish band from Milwaukee playing, the crowd was pretty strange but typical for the sha I suppose.  Walking home, Schmalz finds a light bulb, so naturally he smashes it on the ground. Instantaniously, another light bulb appears on the ground. Naturally, Schmalz assumes that he is a wizard.. because duh, why wouldn’t that be logical? But then we realize that some guy is throwing lightbulbs at us from the apartment building above. How do you get him to stop? Clearly by yelling obscenities and saying embarassing things. So that’s over, why not start a new adventure.

Walking to yet another bar, we see the local crazy guy on his porch. He is violently swinging his feet together making loud sounds because he is clearly wearing wooden clogs, so I ask “where did ya get those?” to which he screams, “HOLLAND!” so I continue on my way.. flash forward a few hours.. I walk out of the bar and the same guy is standing on his porch screaming bloody murder, pretty typical. So I saunter toward him, because when someone is screaming like a crazy person you should definitely walk toward them, and I see that him and a fellow fanatic at the “bar” that they opened. This “bar” consisted of a a tall table and these two guys slamming beer. So as a new patron to their outdoor bar, the guy screams “HOW THE HELL ARE YOU?” so of course I yell back “HOW THE HELL ARE YOU!?” to which he told us we were idiots for not coming to their bar.