So I live with two strangers who are just filler roomates. One is totally random and I have leased my life away for a year with her.. Big mistake. Her and her beagle are going down.. I’m going to make her want to move out.

First this dog. He is just so cute and darling that he has turned our house into his own personal dumping grounds. I can’t even go down the stairs to get the mail without the smell of poop everywhere making me want to throw up. So ridiculous.. but yet.. “he never has accidents! what a good dog!” ohhhh isn’t he so funny when he is laying on our kitchen table.. I just LOVE the cute little footprints and hair all over the table.. it really adds to the decor of my house.. I mean along with the pee staind furniture that he ruined. On top of it all not only does he disrespect our whole house and my roomate lets him but he peed on my bed and clothes.. wtf is that.

Now moving on to the “roomie”. Words can’t even describe the ridiculous things that happen at my house. There are all sorts of rules and things I’m not allowed to do and when I do.. she miraculously “fixes” them for me. So I’ve decided that I’m going to do a million small things that I can claim weren’t me but will drive her crazy. ohhhh its happening.. I can’t wait..